All Dressed Up and One Place To Go

CATEGORY: Weddings

Since Jennifer + Trev live out west and will soon be moving to Nunavit, they really wanted to hit a Nova Scotia beach on their wedding day. So after their ceremony, we headed to the south shore where Jenn got to “wiggle her toes” in the sand while Trev added a bit of maritime dirt to his freshly polished boots. Of course after a long drive and a few bottles of water mixed with the hot, muggy day … well when you gotta go, you gotta go. Thankfully Jennifer spotted an option that was slightly better than the nearby bushes … I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a bride run faster.

Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Jenn+Trev-1 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Jenn+Trev-2 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Jenn+Trev-3 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Jenn+Trev-4 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Jenn+Trev-5 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Jenn+Trev-6 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Jenn+Trev-7 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Jenn+Trev-8