Christina + Jeffrey // An Oceanstone Wedding

Photography by Kiandra Jeffery

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first edition of “Kiandra spent two hours writing this” … but seriously, I was a bit nervous since this is technically is my very first post with Cooked Photography!

I knew that the east coast landscapes would be beautiful. It’s one of the reasons why I was so was excited to make the move from Winnipeg and start a career in Nova Scotia. But I wasn’t expecting the genuine connections between my couples and their families and how welcoming the community of Halifax and surrounding Maritimes would be.

Meeting Christina and Jeffrey, I knew their families meant a lot to them. It was clear from our very first conversation. During that first meeting, she told me that she wasn’t very much of an emotional person, but every time that she saw her dad she tears up. Considering there was a possibility that he may not have even been at her wedding due to a terminal illness made every single solitary moment that they were together much more meaningful, and I’m so happy to have be there to document it all for them.

“I know it may be cheesy but can I get a photo of me kissing my dad’s head?”

I’m always up for any photos my couples ask for and this was no exception. Christina left a bright red kiss on her dad’s head and he grinned and said that he was absolutely not washing it off! And throughout the day, she continued to leave a trail of red kisses on everyone (including a few more on her dad).

So if this is how all east coast weddings are, I really can’t wait for what’s next! I’m so grateful to be living in such a beautiful place with such lovely people, and I’m looking forward to experiencing more of it!

Written by Kiandra