Jody + Dave’s Ontario Cottage Wedding

Photography by Jeff + Jenn

We live in Canada and know the climate, but the weather always seems to be a hot topic. When the winter months roll in, many of us love to complain about it. Thankfully we have couples like Jody and Dave. They are snow-loving, outdoorsy Canadians who embraced the idea of having a wedding in the middle of January, in the middle of the woods. Wedding shoes were replaced with Bogs and hiking boots, and their weekend had everything from sub-zero temperatures to freezing rain to a snowstorm (that almost forced us to miss our flight back to Halifax). Around here, winters are often referred to as our “off season”, but after being a part of their day, I think it’s a great time to plan a wedding; it gives everyone something to look forward to during those long winter months. And besides, as Canadians, we should be able to handle the cold, right?

– Written by Jeff.

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