Knight + Day at Oceanstone

Photography by Jeff + Jenn

From the beautiful ocean views to the stunning sunsets, there’s just something special about Oceanstone Resort … it’s an incredible setting for a wedding and we always look forward to shooting there. But Erin and Shannon never got to see the sun set over the lighthouse. In fact, they didn’t really see much of the ocean because a blast of  the east coast weather rolled in bringing moments of heavy rain mixed with a thick fog bank.

During their reception, I noticed the ring bearer running around outside, exploring like most little boys would probably do (especially at a setting like Oceanstone). I heard a “gasp” and turned to see him pointing towards a multi-layered web and home to a rather fat garden spider. He asked if we would take a picture, and though I normally dislike spiders, it was fun working with such a creepy model.

Nothing kept their guests from turning the normally quiet, peaceful setting into an awesome Maritime party. And what are the odds of wedding clients with the last names Knight + Day?

Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-42Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-2A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-2C Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-3C Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-3C1 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-3D Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-4 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-5 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-5A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-6 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-7 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-8A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-9A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-10A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-11 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-12 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-13A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-14 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-15 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-16 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-17A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-18 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-19A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-20 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-21 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-22 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-23 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-25 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-30A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-30B Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-32 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-33 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-34 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-35 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-36 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-37 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-38 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-40A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-ErinShannon-40CK+D


  • Stef M

    August 16, 2012

    Gorgeous shots as always Jeff! I want to get married again just to have you be our photographer!

  • TINA

    August 16, 2012

    I agree! I'm always amazed at what you come up with. So creative!

  • Maureen

    August 17, 2012

    Beautiful Photos - the bride and groom look so HAPPY!!!and you guys captured the moments!!

  • Jocelyn

    August 20, 2012

    The pictures are absolutely gorgeous; however, I had no doubt they would be given the GORGEOUS people (especially Erin and Shannon) and the setting. It was a wonderful day and night! Here's to Knight and Day! :)

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