A Thanksgiving Day Wedding at Lake Muskoka

On Thanksgiving Sunday, Jenn and I hopped on a 5:30 am flight to Toronto (a few hours after shooting a wedding the night before) and headed straight to Taboo Resort on Lake Muskoka for Emad and Tanya’s intimate wedding ceremony and reception. We had the opportunity to work with Emad’s brother, Mike, earlier this year at his New York wedding, so we really were made to feel right at home with their close-knit family. Flying home the next night, I noticed that we had a perfect view of the Northern Lights. Being the first time that either of us have seen them, I immediately dove for my camera and Jenn and I fought over the window seat the rest of the flight home.

Halifax-Wedding-Photographer-EmadTanya-1A Halifax-Wedding-Photographer-EmadTanya-2 Halifax-Wedding-Photographer-EmadTanya-3 Halifax-Wedding-Photographer-EmadTanya-4 Halifax-Wedding-Photographer-EmadTanya-5 Halifax-Wedding-Photographer-EmadTanya-7 Halifax-Wedding-Photographer-EmadTanya-8 Halifax-Wedding-Photographer-EmadTanya-9

  1. Aron

    Great work as always Jeff.

  2. layton

    i just.. i don’t even know what say man. you two.