Ashley + Jeff

Photography by Jeff + Jenn

Ashley and Jeff are both avid cyclists, live active lifestyles and totally embrace everything that life has to offer. Their wedding was definitely an emotional day. Aside from the bride and groom, there were a few other people who played a big part in the day and made a huge impact on me (and many of the guests in attendance): Coady, the ring bearer, along with his Dad and the beautiful memory his Mom (Jeff’s sister) who recently passed away due to cancer. Ashley and Jeff had stressed prior to their wedding that they wanted to make sure her memory was honored in a positive way throughout their day … and they did a superb job. I have to say, they gave us all a lesson on the importance of friends and family that we won’t soon forget.

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Charlottetown-Wedding-Photographers-PEI-WEDDINGS-A+J-9 Charlottetown-Wedding-Photographers-PEI-WEDDINGS-A+J-14 Charlottetown-Wedding-Photographers-PEI-WEDDINGS-A+J-15 Charlottetown-Wedding-Photographers-PEI-WEDDINGS-A+J-21 Charlottetown-Wedding-Photographers-PEI-WEDDINGS-A+J-22Charlottetown-Wedding-Photographers-PEI-WEDDINGS-A+J-31