Alanna + Tyson’s Winnipeg Wedding

Photography by Kiandra

I first met Tyson a few years back while living in Winnipeg and working at one of my favourite coffee shops, Fools + Horses. Our friendship grew and eventually I was introduced to his then girlfriend Alanna. We stayed in touch and during a trip to back to Winnipeg last Christmas, they invited me out to dinner, told me they were engaged and asked me to be their wedding photographer!

On their wedding day, we made the necessary stop at Fools + Horses to fuel up with iced coffee and chai lattes … but one of my favourite momentswas when they snuck away from their friends and family to have their own private picnic in an apple orchard! Wedding days go by so fast and they decided to take a moment to slow it all down for a little quiet time together.

Thank you Alanna and Tyson! It means so much to be the one who was there to document your perfect day! And even though I spend a lot of my time in Halifax, I always look forward to traveling back to Winnipeg and seeing some of my favourite people!

– Posted by Kiandra