I think most parents can agree that the nightly routine can be full of chaos. In fact, we call the hours between 5:30-8:30 the “witching hours” – you never know what you are in for and you always breathe a small sigh of relief once everyone is asleep. But despite the craziness, I can’t help but think that in a flash, they will be on their own and I’ll wish for moments like this again. So for the Murphy clan’s creative family shoot, we decided to capture some of those memories for them, showing up during their evening routine that involved getting all FOUR of their kids to bed. It was fast paced, but we had a lot of fun jumping on beds while dodging lightsaber swings. Needless to say, the glass of wine at the end of it all was defintely well deserved. Thanks Kevin + Steph for letting us in to your warm, fun and crazy household!


Halifax-Family-Photographers-Murphys-1 Halifax-Family-Photographers-Murphys-2 Halifax-Family-Photographers-Murphys-3 Halifax-Family-Photographers-Murphys-4 Halifax-Family-Photographers-Murphys-5 Halifax-Family-Photographers-Murphys-5A Halifax-Family-Photographers-Murphys-7 Halifax-Family-Photographers-Murphys-8A Halifax-Family-Photographers-Murphys-10 Halifax-Family-Photographers-Murphys-11 Halifax-Family-Photographers-Murphys-12 Halifax-Family-Photographers-Murphys-13


It was nice talking to you. We completely love your ideas and can’t wait for our family shoot!

These are fabulous! What a wicked twist to traditional family photos. LOVE this Jeff!!!

Saw your link shared on HRM Parent’s Facebook page. Totally awesome!!! I can’t wait to book my own! This is a really fun and unique idea!

Honestly one of the best family shoots I have ever seen! Pretty amazing…no wait forget the pretty…just AMAZING!

Love the pictures-you and Jenn captured all the fun a family can have!!!!!! Love them

These are just absolutely amazing, as usual!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Amazing, natural, absolutely perfect family photography. You make their every day routine look so unique and beautiful! LOVE!

Love Love LOVE these!!!

Jeff, I knew when you and Jen were here shooting that the results were going to be fabulous, but these are even better than I imagined! You managed to capture the kids’ spirits and even got me into my pj’s in front of a camera – that’s quite the skill!!! Thanks yet again, we (all 6 of us!) LOVE them!!

I love this idea. What a wonderful keepsake for them to have.

Haha! I went to high school with Kevin Jeff. Kind of funny seeing him in this role. What a fun shoot! Awesome as always!

These are so great! Love them! 🙂

Beautiful memories captured!! Years from now, they’ll look back and cherish these moments! Awesome, awesome photo idea.

These are stinkin beautiful Jeff.

I love this!!!! Makes for great memories… Awesome job!

I love everything about this Jeff. Spectacular idea for a shoot!