Some say that rain on your wedding day is good luck …but how about a hurricane? Alyson and Darryl smiled throughout their day and in true maritime fashion, decided to make the most of the hot, stormy weather. Believe me that there were lots and lots of prayers lifted up asking for a dry enough day to allow for their outdoor wedding, and although the ceremony was moved to a small church down the road, the rain and clouds eventually parted the way for a wonderful celebration between two people that love each other dearly. But when Alyson realized that the rain wasn’t going to quit on the morning of the wedding, she knew that an outdoor reception may be a tad muddy. Rather than panic, she decided to trade in her killer blue shoes for adorable blue rain boots … and Jenn and I eventually ditched our shoes (which were completely soaked) and spent the rest of their reception shooting in our bare feet. It was an absolutely charming wedding filled with love and celebration with family and friends … despite Hurricane Earl showing up as an uninvited guest!