Jenn Nauss

I am so happy with a camera in my hands.

My favourite part of photography is capturing a moment that will never ever happen again. Whether that’s between people, the way light hits a landscape, a concert or anything else.

I studied photography at NSCC for three years.

I’ve worked with Cooked Photography for over a decade now! And what a fun one it’s been.

My other true love are The Beatles. Start me on that subject and I won’t stop!

I’ve seen Paul McCartney in concert seven times with my Dad, and Ringo once (Ringo even spoke to us!) I recently picked up guitar, piano, painting and drawing and I can’t get enough of it. Being creative in any form makes me happy.

I love to travel. Seeing the world is important and fun, and also makes me appreciate home even more.

Born and raised in Bridgwater, and I visit my parents every chance I get. Both Bridgwater and Halifax will always be home.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Here’s some of my recent work:



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