One of my last weddings of the year was an evening spent with Amy, Shamus and their closest friends and family. Shortly before the ceremony, I caught this touching moment between Shamus and his proud mom …




This is amazing…a bunch of girls and I tried to go to the Onyx that night for a drink and it was closed for a private function. Then we saw the bride and groom on the street and thought it was some kind of photography session…love that it was a real wedding!! Beautiful pics!!

I teared up during the ceremony and looking at the pictures makes me tear up again. And you know me, heart of stone right here. Hahahaha. Simply gorgeous. You couldn’t have captured the moments more perfectly. Fantastic work Jeff and Jenn.

these are so beautiful. what an amazing job, some of these makes you really wonder if the back grounds are fake or real. That’s how good they are.

Man your work is inspiring Jeff. Cutting edge, creative, breathtaking yet classical. You are a fantastic storyteller my friend.

Congratulations to both of you! You both look so in love, I am very happy for you. What a beautiful wedding, the pictures are amazing! Really amazing!

It’s the Maritimes … I think that I’ve just learned how to deal with the weather. Thanks for all the great comments!

I think you secretly control the weather – that photo with the snow?? Gah – perfection! That photo with the chandelier is also incredible – your photos always give me chills. Beautiful.

Love this wedding! Wow is right!

Holy crap! I know who I want to photograph my wedding!

Well documented Jeff! A unique and beautiful wedding.

Beautiful, I love them!

Jeff your work is amazing!!! You definitely captured their day.

Followed your link on Moment Junkie and just spent the last hour looking through your spectacular work. Awesome photography Jeff!

Just incredible, as you like, moments you’ve captured here! Well done Jeff and Jenn

Wow. Wow. Wow. These are absolutely stunning photos … love the shot with mom! Totally priceless.

oh my gosh guys they are so beautiful.

Awesome photography. I love love love the little girl getting a smooch too. She’s adorable. haha