Maggie & Waleed love the movies, which worked out to be the perfect setting for an engagement shoot – especially considering the weather we have been having….(I know, I know – at this point we just need to all deal with it and think positive). I love the movies too, and, ironically, a few weeks before this shoot, I ran into them on the opening weekend of a big summer movie. We had a lot of fun during their movie date and there’s no doubt that we’ll have a great time this fall when they get to star in their very own wedding day …

Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-Oxford-Theatre-Maggie+Wally-2 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-Oxford-Theatre-Maggie+Wally-3 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-Oxford-Theatre-Maggie+Wally-4 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-Oxford-Theatre-Maggie+Wally-8 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-Oxford-Theatre-Maggie+Wally-7 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-Oxford-Theatre-Maggie+Wally-8A Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-Oxford-Theatre-Maggie+Wally-15Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-Oxford-Theatre-Maggie+Wally-9


Jeff and Jenn-I love this series of pictures, Great place for pictures!

Fantastic idea for an engagement shoot! LUV these photos Jeff! Beautiful couple – this shoot make me want to cuddle up with my husband, eat popcorn and watch a movie!

What a great concept. And following the movie theme, come to think of it, I was first introduced to Maggie as Wally’s girlfriend in the lobby of the movie theatre. Great couple!

what a creative idea! these are great. my favorites are the silhouette and the last, B&W one. awesome job, jeff!