Máiréad and Andrew’s wedding was the perfect end to my 2010 wedding season – complete with sparklers and confetti guns! Máiréad was a member of the Norman Flynn Design team who helped create a breathtaking showroom for the King’s Wharf development, which was transformed into the perfect setting for their New Year’s eve wedding. And in typical style, we stayed until the very end as there were so many fun moments and incredible details that we did not want to miss – plus we had a blast celebrating the first few hours of 2011 with a spirited family full of joy + happiness.


Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-1A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-1B Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-1C Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-2 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-3 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-6A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-6B Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-6C Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-6D Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-8 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-9 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-11 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-12 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-14 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-15A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-16 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-18 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-18A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-19 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-19A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-20 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-21 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-21A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-21B Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-22 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-23 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-39 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-56 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-57 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-59 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-60 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-62 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-62A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-63 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-63A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-65 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-66 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-66A Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-69 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-72 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-74 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-75 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-76 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-81 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-82 Halifax-Wedding-Photographers-Kings-Warf-New-Years-Eve-M+A-83


WOW!!! Gorgeous photos! And beautifully designed event. Congrats Máiréad and Andrew, it was a pleasure to get to know you and play a part in your BIG day.

These pictures are incredible. They perfectly capture an amazing occasion. Congrats again guys.

Beautiful! Their wedding colors are truly stunning and they’re such an adorable couple! I just had to leave a comment! It’s a beautifully shot wedding Jeff. You work is great! Congrats to the couple (and happy new year)!!

I came across your website on weddinggawker and I have to say that your photos are amazing! So vibrant and full of life and it’s been a real treat to go through your work. A magnificent wedding, a beautiful day and a stunning bride. Love the ring shot! Very creative.

Thank you for all the lovely comments & compliments! We are so blessed! Jeff and Jenn, your work is outstanding; we re-live the day and relish all the details every time we look at the photos. Thank you! A&M xx

Thank you Jeff for capturing the true essence and spirit of our daughter and new son-in-law’s wedding day. Family and friends around the world who could not join us can now share the special day.

Loved looking at the photos, they are really wonderful. Bernadette you made us laugh, that one of you at the table is just so you! They do belong on the pages of a glossy magazine. x

Stunning and beautifully captured, Jeff! Impossible to pick a favourite but the ring shot rocks!

Jeff, these are incredible!! They belong in a magazine! The colors are so vibrant! What an amazing wedding and a beautiful bride! Love your work!!

Ok I cannot express how jealous I am!!! This Wedding is absolutly PERFECT! and the pictures are more than perfect! Where do people find these perfect location for weddings!? The decorations are outstanding…same colors as my wedding…the green and blue…Wow I just can’t get over it. Congrats to the lovely couple!

Wow Jeff… those pictures are amazing. They are sooo beautiful! I LOVE THEM ALL! Such a great photographer!!!

Your pictures are amazing.

These photos are absolutely amazing. They really capture the feeling of the wedding.