Sarah is one of my oldest friends. I’ve never laughed harder with anyone. Our days of instant friendship go back to the first day of grade 5, when Mrs. Dauphinee asked me to show the “new girl” around. We’ve shared our lives together, even though distance has separated us for most of our friendship. I still don’t have the words to let them know how honoured I was to be their photographer for their adorable PEI wedding set on their family farm. Instead of having me describe their love for each other, I thought it best coming from the two of them, in the form of their wedding day vows …

To Sarah:

God was definitely showing off when you were made. From your smile and sense of humour, to your witty and uncharacteristic ways of making up your own words to songs, it makes it fun and so easy to be with you.

Your amount of patience is almost annoying because it’s just another thing I can learn from you. You absolutely wear off on me in every positive way. You make loving you easy, so much in fact that it grows and strengthens every day. I can promise that it will never get old.

And … if you need to warm your hands or feet up on my bare skin … just let me know first! My solemn vow to you is to love you and make our awesome life together as easy and fun as possible and to love you and always be there for you. And if anything changes … I’ll let ya know.

To William Frank Blaauwendraat Wheeler:

While a bit of a mouthful, I’ve never been more proud to take your name as I am today. I have loved you for 2695 days, and while I’ve waited for this day for a long, long, long time, now that it’s finally here, I realize this is simply a formality and nothing has actually changed. Because seven years ago is when we made our commitment, for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, and we’ve spent every day since then nurturing and honouring that promise.

Today is a celebration of us and our future. A future in which I’ll put your happiness above all else, and if there is life after this one I’ll do it there too. While your exterior is strong, I see how soft your heart is. I see your kindness, sensitivity and compassion, not in what you say, but in what you do. I see it when you give me the best bite of your favourite food. I see it when you leave a cup of coffee beside the bed for me when you go to the barn in the morning. But most of all I see it here, on our farm.

There is no greater expression of your love and commitment to me, our children and our future than all of those tiresome days and sleepless nights you’ve put in, striving to give us a life that most can only dream of. You are my best friend, my pride, my joy. You are my greatest comfort, you are my home.

I love you.