Ever watch Sleeping Beauty? If you have a daughter who’s obsessed with princesses then I’m guessing that you have. There’s a scene where two of the fairy godmothers argue over the color of a dress, and with a flick of their wands, one changes it to pink, the other to blue. It’s a moment in the film often reenacted in our house when Sadie yells out “PINK” and Ben quickly follows with “NO, BLUE”, usually for no reason other than to get into a shouting match. So what does this have to do with an engagement shoot? That’s exactly what seemed to be going on with the sky over Halifax when we met up with Chris and Sarah. And once the sun set, we ended the shoot with a little streaking on Barrington Street.


Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-C+S-1A Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-C+S-2Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-C+S-3 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-C+S-4