Alison and Kevin have been doing the polar bear dip together for the past two years, and after they posted a note on Facebook inviting friends to join them, we decided that their third annual swim would be the perfect idea for an engagement shoot (and great way to kick off 2012). So going on 3 hours sleep after an incredible New Years eve wedding, Jenn and I followed the adventurous couple as they braved the frigid Herring Cove waters on New Years day. I have to say, I’ve always thought polar bear dips were for the crazy, but it was such a great group of people with so much camaraderie – all for a great cause and it really gave the start of 2012 a positive vibe. As for our polar bear couple, they’ll officially take the plunge this coming summer. Happy New Year! A big thanks to my very talented assistant Jenn for camping out with the local media and grabbing the awesome shots from across the cove.

Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-1 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-2 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-4 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-5 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-7 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-9 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-10 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-12A Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-13 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-14 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-14A Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-15 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-16 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-16A Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-17 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-18 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-19 Halifax-Engagement-Photographers-AllisonKevin-20


I checked this gallery poolside, with a glass of wine in my hand from South Africa… A nice story board for what I am “missing” from home. Great album, as always. S.

This is so romantic and fun! Great idea for an engagement. Happy New Year!!!

You guys are amazing!!! Congrats and ‘good on ya’. hugs & kisses, Thelma

BRRRRRR-awesome shots!!!!!!!

Original, creative and super cute! What a fun idea for a photo shoot. Happy 2012 to you and the fearless couple!