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Although Meaghan and Rick were married down south, they were hoping for photos that were a little more exciting and reflected their creativity and style. So they contacted both me and my good buddy Liam for a “day after session” closer to home and mixed with a little paint! Don’t worry, no brides were harmed in the making of this photo.


Love the photo of the moving dress, very unique

Love the grungy feel of the place this was shot in, whilst the bride and groom are impeccably groomed. nice contract of placement.

You continue to amaze and inspire. To the next level. Love this shoot! And the dress movement ~ well done!

What a fun idea for a photo shoot! I love seeing the paintballs flying through the air!

Beautiful! Love that moving photo of the bride’s dress!!!

Adorei conhecer o seu belíssimo trabalho. É realmente inspirador ver suas imagens. Parabéns!!!

Jeff!! These are fabulous! I love how you can see the paintballs suspended in mid-air. And the moving photo is so neat!