My grandmother, Sadie, was Lebanese and I’ve always had her and the entire Arab family to thank for all the amazing food like grape leaves, hummus, fatayer, tabbouleh and kafta that I’ve grown to love over the years. Now, after experiencing Sam & Laura’s wedding celebration “week-end”, I’m pretty sure I also have her to thank for the party gene – because Sam and Laura’s wedding proved that the Lebanese culture sure know how to have a good time and we were thrilled to be there for every moment from start to finish.

We started off on Friday by attending the Layliyee (which was a major event in itself) … this pre-wedding party consisted of two celebrations: one at the groom’s parents house and the other at the bride’s parents house. During the course of the evening, the groom and his posse of guys bus themselves over to the bride’s party, marching to drums up the street, singing and dancing their way to steal away the bride away.

Then on Sunday, after their traditional ceremony at the beautiful Saint Benedict, the entire wedding party hit the reception, again, marching to the beat of a drum that flooded the dance floor with guests, all surrounding the bride and groom to welcome them for the first time as husband and wife. The food, toasts, music, drinking and dancing that followed was filled with lots of pride, culture and, of course, love! I think we finally got home around 3:30 am Monday morning – which in this case seemed to be the perfect time to be packing up from a wedding. Congrats Sam and Laura!





Lovely Lovely Lovely Jeff!..I see two that I will need for our portfolio for sure..but just lovely faces and energy..
And, an amazing lovely couple too!

Oh My God——-how beautiful!!!!!!! Stunning!!!!!

the photo’s are amazing. I’m glad that Sammy and Laura chose you to be the one to make their memories happen. And we also got to know you and that you happen to be a relative. Lots of thanks.
God bless.