When I had my initial meeting with Sarah, we ended up spending more time chatting like friends than about wedding related things. We bonded over the great coffee shop we were at, and our mutual love for family oriented, lakeside weddings (filled to the brim with home made deserts and twinkly patio lights.) To quote her description “It’s going to be a super simple day. Our goal is to have all our favourite people over to soak up the love and enjoy a summertime party to celebrate our nuptials. Only twinklier.”

Sarah and Andrew had an incredibly laid back wedding in her parents back yard. They got married on the dock, with friends and family watching from the many adirondack chairs scattered throughout the lawn. Instead of walking back down the aisle, they hopped in the boat and went for a cruise around the lake to celebrate. Dinner was a potluck BBQ, enjoyed on her grandmother’s antique dishes, followed by dancing under the white lights as the sun set over the lake.

At the end of the night, I was met with so many hugs that it took us an extra half hour to leave. It was an amazing way to finish the wedding and we’re so happy for you both!

– Written by Jenn.