With my mom’s birthday today, and Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I’ve been spending some time working through the usual “from a photographer” gift. While going through our family photos, it reminded me of how few photos I am actually in. Luckily for me, a very good friend and amazing local photographer Layton Reid spent a day with us last fall documenting moments that Susie and I absolutely love.

So a few months later, I am sort of returning the favour. His beautiful wife, Candace, is six months pregnant and there is no question this guy is ready to be a dad. Hanging out with them, I couldn’t help being reminded of when Susie and I were expecting Sadie and our dog, Fletcher, was still front and center. So, I arrived with a ”Marmaduke” inspired idea … but what I really loved was capturing their quirky, adorable personalities doing something they love to do together – only this time, Layton left the camera home.

Congrats guys … you’re both going to be fantastic parents.

And Mom, Happy Birthday!


Halifax-Maternity-Photographer-L+C-1 Halifax-Maternity-Photographer-L+C-2 Halifax-Maternity-Photographer-L+C-3 Halifax-Maternity-Photographer-L+C-4 Halifax-Maternity-Photographer-L+C-5 Halifax-Maternity-Photographer-L+C-6 Halifax-Maternity-Photographer-L+C-7 Halifax-Maternity-Photographer-L+C-8 Halifax-Maternity-Photographer-L+C-9 Halifax-Maternity-Photographer-L+C-10 Halifax-Maternity-Photographer-L+C-15


Jeff, you have done an amazing job at capturing my daughter and son in law (and Gracie too). Their personalities and spirit shine through in every photo. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!