We headed down to Windhorse Farm in New Germany on June 21st for Tony & Jasmine’s noon wedding vows – at the exact start of Summer Solstice. I have to say that a noon wedding on a Tuesday was a first for me, and the beautiful, organic setting/summer solstaice theme perfectly suited the couple and their intimate wedding. We really enjoyed getting to know all of their closest friends and family, tasting some amazing, locally-grown food and, of course, exploring the incredible setting with the newlyweds! What a great way to kick off the summer!


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[…] Located in New Germany on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, it has accommodations for up to 50 guests, catering facilities that can serve organic, vegan dishes and beautiful gardens to be married in. Just check out these photos by Jeff Cooke Photography! […]

The first “green wedding” at Windhorse Farm! Couldn’t be better. Thanks for being here with such presence, inspiration and
LOVE! Jim and Margaret Drescher

Beautiful pictures for sure!

These pictures are outstanding Jeff & Jenn!! You guys have out done yourselves.. 🙂 Congrats to the newly weds!

Adorable!!! Love the flying dirt shot. What perfect photos! Very unique and the setting perfectly compliments the personalities of the couple (based on the photos). Great work!

Absolutely STUNNING! The shot of the dirt flying is FABulous!!!

What an absolutely beautiful .. and delightful .. choice of settings for this wedding. I don’t even know the couple, but it seems to perfectly fit their personalities as depicted by these photos. Great creativity shown in wedding sites, photo shots, inclusion of animals, barnyards, and props. If this is an example of the photographers abilities, by all means … CALL HIM!

I have to say, stellar shots! Quite the unique wedding! Very different, cute and completely refreshing. Amazing work Jeff (and congrats to the wonderful couple).

Oh my goodness, happened to run across these pix via facebook and have to say they are the most wonderful wedding pix I can imagine, the setting and the phenomenal (and I rarely use that word) photography, not to mention a fun and great looking couple…wow. Now I know why I never did weddings and in fact why I did not continue any commercial photography…never had the training, the eye for this look (which I LOVE) or the interest in digital technology. Just totally loving this series of pix, my only hope being the couple had time to enjoy their wedding party in the midst of all this fine photo shoot! Great job!

Fantastic wedding! I’d love to see more – what an adorable couple, beautiful setting and charming wedding. Love the pics – thanks for sharing Jeff!