Erin + Troy planned a small, intimate wedding at Erin’s parent’s home on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Everything was to be outside, including a ceremony on the dock overlooking Oak Island. She had always dreamed that she’d be married there, and absolutely nothing was going to stop that. In fact, Erin wanted it so bad that she didn’t even entertain the thought of a plan B. Rain or shine, her wedding was happening on the dock! And rain it did. It might have been the most rain that we’ve seen at a wedding to date. We always tell our clients that they can’t control the weather, especially when planning a wedding on the East Coast of Canada. The weather really doesn’t matter to us at all. We just want our couples to enjoy their day and go with whatever mother nature has in store for them. And that’s exactly what Erin + Troy did.


Some real gems in there guys. Looks like mighty difficult conditions to work under!

Great images Jeff! I can’t wait to be out east again!

Sweet photos! Especially like the one with the woman sitting down…her umbrella is starting to flip inside out!